Yeast - the home of flavour.

UNIFERM ist your fermentation specialist providing comprehensive competence on all maters of baking

Yeast fermentation helps to create bread and pastries full of flavour and liveliness. Fermentation is a very sensitive stage in the baking process which relies not only on a lot of experience, but even more on safe ingredients. UNIFERM’s baking yeasts are full of leavening power and ensure that you are able to create perfect baking products every day which turn into a full experience of flavour in people’s mouth. We have yeasts that cater for every need.

Fermentation specialist  Yeast   Fermented fresh products

rye rolls baked with UNIFERM yeast and baking ingredients

Baking ingredients are the key to good baking products.

UNIFERM has the ingredients for your baking success.

Baking is our life. Passion, creativity and know-how: we invest all of those for you when developing and producing high-quality baking agents. Every day we commit ourselves anew to ensuring the reliable and successful production of baking products full of flavour and freshness.

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UNIFERM baking ingredients for perfect fine pastry products

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